For Partners

Lighting engineering market in Ukraine is actively developing, despite the general instability, constant changes in the "rules of the game", the threat of global economic crisis. Indeed, life does not stop. There are new samples of products, new solutions, new brands.


Using of the Ukrainian raw materials and modern energy efficient equipment, can achieve a competitive cost of production.


Efficient pricing makes "DECORA" profitable product to distributors and retail outlets. Our proposals on pricing will allow partners to receive up to 50% profit margin.


Complete production cycle from design to assembly and packaging allows light in a short time to establish new models, as well as orders with special requirements, to meet any specific needs. This allows our partners to effectively sell new products, respond rapidly to market needs, develop an exclusive trade.


Using quality materials and components creates lamps at the leading European manufacturers. Our Ukrainian partners will receive a European quality goods at competitive prices.


Team of designers and engineers are constantly monitoring current market trends of technology and design. Constant updating of the model range allows production to-date, the best selling range of customers, therefore, partners will be able to trade actual goods that have a high turnover.


To be sure, in practice, all the above advantages, we invite trading companies to cooperate!


For collaboration, please contact:

"Lampada-A " Ltd

03680, Ukraine


str. Simii Sosninykh 3, 6th Floor.

Wholesale department:

tel.: +38 044 496-74-83/85/86

fax: +38 044 496-74-82