Decorative light from the "Lamp-A"

In 2011, on the territory of Ukraine was founded Manufacturing Company "Lampada-A".
The enterprise selected manufacturing glass wall and ceiling, decorative lamps round and square shapes. The company's products marketed under its own brand name "DEKORA".

The main goal of the project was to organize a unique modern high-tech production, to ensure production of quality and competitive light-tech products.
The key to the success of the company is the use of modern technology to attract highly qualified and experienced professionals in the industry, the competent organization of production management, the implementation of the phase-quality products.

The enterprise provides a full cycle of multi-processing and glass decoration. It is allowed to master and put on a conveyor such basic processes as processing of the glass edge, sandblasted glass surfaces, silk-screen printing and decoration of composite materials, the method of forming glass bending, exclusive handmade decoration, assembly and packaging of the finished product in its original packaging.
In the nearly five-year period of the TM "DEKORA" has worked well in the Ukrainian market and is consistently strong demand. This allowed the company to "Lampada-A" to increase production capacity, actively and dynamically processes. Experts and designers are constantly working to expand the product range, using modern trends, fashion design solutions in this market segment.
To date, product range has reached more than 200 orders of fixtures. Among them, wall and ceiling lamps diameter 200, 300 and 400 mm., Sconces, wall lights rectangular.

TM "DEKORA"  has been successfully implemented through different distribution channels. It sells well established distribution network, as it is presented in the leading network construction and DIY hypermarkets and specialty stores and electrical light. In addition products are exported and sold in the makets of Europe and CIS.

High quality materials and components, European design, the relatively low cost, these benefits enable firmly maintain its leading position and compete with imported